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Available in 38 colours, this micro-perforated screen offers the best thermal performance available. Soltis 92 is an ideal vinyl mesh used for exterior windows, commercial building facades, greenhouses, rooftops, or retractable awnings. It also helps regulate the thermal effect of the sun, and it preserves privacy and comfort without obstructing the view. Serge Ferrari’s exclusive and patented Précontraint® process enables Soltis 92 excellent dimensional stability for large expanses Soltis 92 Soltis 92 is an upgraded version of the Soltis 86. This ‘real heat shield’ absorbs and ejects 97% of the heat so you can enjoy lower HVAC costs while maintaining the view.

Soltis 92

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Soltis 92 simultaneously offers efficient thermal protection and a greater supply of natural light while maintaining an exceptional level of transparency and visibility toward the outside. A micro-aerated 8% open fabric, Soltis 92 provides the highest level of solar protection combined with strength and stability. Soltis B92-B702; Stam 6002 Opac; Sunworker opaque; Inside. Sunshadow 3001 N 1%; Sunshadow 3003 CA Alu 3%; Sunshadow 3003 HS 3%; Veroglim 4088 3%; Sunshadow 3005 N 5%; Sunshadow 3010 N 10%; Sunshadow 2003 N 3%; Sunshadow 3001 HT 1%; Sunshadow 3003 RR 3%; Outside. Sergé 600 / Satiné 5500 - Zen; Sergé 600 / Satiné 5500 - Light; Sergé 600 Soltis 92 ist ein hochwertiges Hightech Gittergewebe aus dem Hause Serge Ferrari. Das Gittergewebe wurde speziell für die Verschattung von Gebäuden, Terrassen und Fensterfronten entwickelt.

Det mikroperforerade skärmtyget är vårt bästa värmeskydd och finns i 38 färger. Soltis Perform 92 acts as an effective thermal shield.


Ljusgenomsläpp. Kompositdukar Soltis 86 - 92 - W96. Detta materiel är från franska Serge Ferrari, en av de största när det gäller olika typer solskyddsdukar i Pvc. Det finns både  Motorn kan kompletteras med sol- och vindautomatik.

Balkongskydd i Soltis 86 pvc-nät endast fåll - Tentarp webshop

Soltis 92

8.00. 2.00. 0.08. S92-2160. S92-2163.

soltis 86 19m2 38m2 soltis 92 18m2 36m2 115mm-156mm 160mm-500mm AXL B D E C RAL 9010 RAL 8019 RAL 9001 A B126 VERSIE 1 28.03.08 10:45 Pagina 2. Title: B126 VERSIE 1 Väven Soltis 92-2163 är en screen väv från Ferrari Soltis. Soltis 92-2163 är en turtledove markisväv. Soltis 92 – Trägergewebe aus hochreißfestem Polyester – Beschichtung: PVC – Oberflächenbehandlung: Acryllack mit schmutzabweisender Ausrüstung – schwer entflammbar gemäß DIN 4102–B1 Bahnbreite: 177 cm, Stoffgewicht: ca. 420 g/m² Bitte geben Sie bei der Bestellung von zweifarbigen Dessins Soltis Perform 92 acts like a real heat shield. It blocks up to 97% of the heat when placed outside - Available in 48 solid colours in 2 different widths (177 and 267 cm depending on the colour) » SOLTIS 92 blocks up to 97% of solar radiation (weakens the greenhouse effect); » makes it possible to reduce costs for air conditioning and heating → reducing building maintenance costs; » SOLTIS 92 colors (50 color shades) match the SOLTIS 86 colors. Väven Soltis 86 kombinerar kraven på mycket bra genomsikt och värmeblockerare på ett unikt sätt.
Stol fjorton

Soltis 92

Flammskyddad väv. Största storlek: 350 x 350 cm (bredd x höjd) med Ferrari PVC. 400 x 300 cm med Soltis screen.

width 5,00 m max. projection 6,00 m. MAX. FABRIC SURFACE AREA acrylic.
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Opaque Komposityg för gardiner SOLTIS Opaque B92

Soltis Perform 92 acts like a real heat shield. It blocks up to 97% of the heat when placed outside The conservatories benefit from an external solar protection system made with 25 000 sqm of Soltis 92.