Theorizing power in political ecology: a case study of rural


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My PhD was funded by  This fully updated new edition introduces the core concepts, central thinkers, and major works of the burgeoning field of political ecology. * Explores the key  Critical Political Ecology: The Politics of Environmental Science: Forsyth, Timothy: Books. LIBRIS titelinformation: A political ecology of women, water and global environmental change / edited by Stephanie Buechler and Anne-Marie S. Hanson. Power and politics have been central topics from the early days of Political Ecology. There are different and sometimes conflicting conceptualizations of power in  AH00CH46 Political Ecology and History of Hunger and Famine, 5 sp. AH00CH46 Political Ecology and History of Hunger and Famine, 5 sp  Political Ecology of afforestation in Pakistan. Usman Ashraf.

Political ecology

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All groups: • Kerr, R. B. (2014). Lost and found crops: agrobiodiversity, indigenous knowledge, and a feminist political ecology of sorghum and finger millet in northern Malawi. COURSE OUTLINE: Political Ecology. Lecturers: Dr Adrian Nel .

Political ecology may be expected to play a growing theoretical role in relation to the ideological mainstream, and it remains to be seen whether more radical and oppositional political ecologies, which were very significant in the emergence of the field, will once again grow in relative importance. political ecology of the body in studies of women's transnational migration.

A political ecology of women - LIBRIS

Antikvariat  Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies - ‪‪Citerat av 106‬‬ - ‪climate change‬ - ‪land use change‬ - ‪emancipatory social science‬ - ‪political ecology‬  Political Ecology: A Critical Introduction. av.

Fertile grounds? : collective strategies and the political

Political ecology

The Political Ecology of the State is the first book to critically assess the philosophical basis of environmental statehood and regulation, addressing the  Located at the intersection of geography, anthropology, sociology, and environmental history, political ecology is one of the most vibrant and conceptually diverse  To start your own POLLEN node, please fill in your details on our open Google Sheets membership database, and email the POLLEN secretariat (currently  1 Dec 2016 Culture, Power, and Global Environment“ is an online course on Janux. Learn more at by the University of  Political ecology is an approach to the study of environment and development issues that has seen a rapid expansion during the last 10 to 15 years. Mathevet, R., N. L. Peluso, A. Couespel, and P. Robbins. 2015.

Political ecology may be defined as “the concerns of ecology and a broadly defined political economy” (Blaikie and Brookfield 1987, p. 17). In this theme we in particular discuss Marxist political economy which has formed a central element in political ecology as a critique of capitalism and neo-liberalism. Kursen ges som en obligatorisk kurs på Masterprogrammet i humanekologi – kultur, makt och hållbarhet (SAHEK), 120 högskolepoäng. Kursen ges också som fristående kurs.
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Political ecology

COURSE OUTLINE: Political Ecology. Lecturers: Dr Adrian Nel . 1.

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Bey village and the Political Ecology of Southeast Asian Forests

Förlag, John Wiley & Sons. Format, Häftad. Språk, Engelska.