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It is easy, undemanding, and surprisingly ornamental. Description. Muhlenbergia lindheimeri is a 2-5 ft. perennial bunchgrass with fine foliage and a fountain-like form. Blue-green leaves and lacy autumn panicles grace Texas uplands. The foliage persists through the winter, though most of it will be dormant. Not necessary to cut back during the cold months; if you do, it may be slow to recover.

Lindheimer muhly grass

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Noted for its handsome leaves this clumping blue foliaged grass grows to 3 feet  444-006D4 Muhlenbergia lindheimeri ( Lindheimer's muhly ) have been growing muhly grasses for many years to test them in our Pacific Northwest climate. Muhlenbergia lindheimeri. Lindheimer's Muhly Grass. Muhlenbergia lindheimeri bloom with panicles of muted purplish grey tones, aging to an antique silver  Muhlenbergia lindheimeri, or Lindheimer's Muhly is also called Big Muhly for it's Native to northern Mexico and into Texas, the blades of this bunch grass grow   Muhlenbergia lindheimeri 'Autumn Glow' (Lindheimer's muhly 'Autumn Glow') is a clump-forming, densely tufted, semi-evergreen, perennial grass with linear,  Choice evergreen grass with beautiful blue-gray blades that have a graceful arching habit to around 3 ft.

Good replacement for the invasive exotic, Pampas Grass - Cortederia  Lawn And Garden. •.

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The only maintenance is pruning the grass in late winter, preferably in  Grass. Native to Texas, this clump grass has a strong vertical form, with slender, light green leaves. Tall spikes of tan flowers emerge in the fall. Plant in full sun,  perennial bunchgrass with fine foliage and a fountain-like form.

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Lindheimer muhly grass

Maintenance. Muhlenbergia lindheimeri is a species of bunch grass, 3-6' H, known by the common names big muhly, blue muhly, and Lindheimer's muhly.

The leaf sheath is mostly basal and overlapping. The ligule is long, slender, white, pointed, and has a papery membrane that is somewhat hidden in An outstanding fine-textured bunchgrass with ornamental seed plumes and silvery-grey foliage. Very hardy on limestone outcrops, in its native range, it is most often found near streams and drainages. Use it as a specimen or a screen in the home landscape.
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Lindheimer muhly grass


Texas A&M AgriLife created the Texas Superstar plants list to help Texans select the best plants for quality and reliability. Lindheimer's Muhly Grass. Native Texas, clump forming grass of blue-gray foliage; Foliage persists through the winter, though most of it will be dormant.
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Don't miss out on adding the Undaunted Ruby muhly grass to your outdoor spaces. Muhly Grass is a naturally growing grass in Florida- found in woodland areas, open fields and even along the roadside. It makes a beautiful addition to any  Scientifically known as Muhlenbergia Capillaris, it will grow 3′ tall in full sun and well-drained soil. Blooming pink-to-purple in Autumn, this is a very showy  Plant some whimsy with Undaunted® Ruby Muhly Grass! Easy-care, pink clouds will add fantasy in your garden with four-season interest! Order some today! Jul 30, 2019 Growing in our display gardens you'll see two of our favorite ornamental grasses.